Sign up to Volunteer and/or Provide Services

North Bay Stand Down ♦ October 17, 18, 19, 2017

If you are attending stand down as a participant veteran, you CANNOT also be a volunteer.  You will be given the opportunity to perform community service hours if you desire.  Volunteers ARE NOT PERMITTED to take advantage of the services afforded to veteran attendees. 


Volunteers and/or Service Providers

The North Bay Stand Down is a three-day encampment intended to assist homeless and/or at-risk Veterans and their family members.  You are considered a “Volunteer” or “Volunteer Service Provider”, not a “Veteran” and are not eligible to stay in the tents (except for Tent Leaders), receive clothing, receive Legal or Court Services or ride the buses to or from the event.  You MUST check in (and out) at the Volunteer tent upon arrival and departure so that we can track who is onsite and give you your Volunteer T-Shirt and Certificate.  Please visit and socialize with our Veterans before checking out to go home.

It is important that you complete the appropriate form (VOLUNTEER or SERVICE PROVIDER). Service providers are volunteers who work directly with the veterans, such as VA Medical, Dental, Mental Health, Shelter/Housing Providers, Court Personnel and Legal volunteers, etc.  You will be required to sign up online prior to providing services at the Stand Down.

Volunteers = Clean-Up, Clothing, Encampment, Kitchen,  Sanitation, Security, Set-Up, Shower, Tear Down, Tent Leaders, Veteran Greeter/Escorts, Veteran Registration, Volunteer Check-In and Water Station

ONLINE VOLUNTEER SIGNUP WILL END FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13TH but you can still volunteer by showing up to help.  You can check in at the Volunteer Check-In Booth at the Fairgrounds. 

Select this link to sign up as a:  VOLUNTEER or SERVICE PROVIDER