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(707) 446-3582 October 16-18, 2018

Clean Up Crew

Before Stand Down, sweep & mop floors in Halls and restrooms and after Stand Down, clean kitchen, Halls and pack remaining supplies and transport to the conx units at the back of the Fairgrounds property


Prior to Stand Down, unpack and sort clothing by size & item, during Stand Down, fill veteran’s clothing order and after all veterans have received clothing, sort, count and box remaining clothing


At the direction of the Encampment Manager, assist with set-up and tear down of Encampment and provide ongoing support to Encampment Manager


Prep and cook food for each meal during Stand Down.  Wash all dishes and utensils before, during and after Stand Down.  During Stand Down, set up serving area and work serving line.  Clean kitchen and kitchen store room during and after Stand Down.


During Stand Down supervise and assist veteran participants to maintain all bathrooms and Porta-Potties (clean up spills; stock toilet paper; stock paper towels; mop floors as needed), make sure all trash is placed in the gray toters and dump toters into assigned dumpsters.  Make sure each hall is kept neat & trash picked up and emptied.


Safeguard all entrances/exits/perimeter 24/7 during stand down, kitchen area during hours of operation and clothing area during hours of operation.  Safeguard all equipment/supplies.


Prior to Stand Down pull everything from Conx units and stage in appropriate locations (Madden/Denverton Halls, kitchen, clothing, etc); setup equipment/tent units (not veteran Tents) where assigned.

Shower Patrol

Supervise shower areas to make sure shower areas are not damaged and are kept clean.

Tear Down

After Stand Down pack and store everything in Conx units; make sure all temporary fencing/caution tape has been removed.  Check entire area to make sure everything has been picked up and stored or thrown in the trash as appropriate

Tent Leader 

Stays all three days (including overnight) in the tents with the veterans and is assigned to a tent of up to 20 veterans and acts as a source of information and an advocate for all veterans.  Must attend one-day training with Tent Leader Coordinator.

Tent Leader Assistant

Stays all three days and evenings, but not overnight, and acts as an assistant to the tent leader

Veteran Greeter/Escort

TUESDAY ONLY – Visit with the veterans in line awaiting registration and assist them with the completion of their Clothing Distribution Form and other forms as requested by Tent Leaders.

Veteran Registration/Check-In

TUESDAY ONLY – Check in all veteran participants based on their service information and issue veteran/spouse meal badges.

Volunteer Check-In/Out

Check in Volunteers and Volunteer Service Providers by directing them to sign in; issue T-Shirt, Badge and Name Tag; have volunteers/service providers sign a confidentiality statement and direct to assigned area; check out Volunteers and Volunteer Service Providers at end of shift.

Water Station

Hand out beverages and refill and/or direct refilling of Igloo water containers at various locations.  Provide bottle water to various Volunteer areas.

Wherever Needed